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Master Accounts

Master Accounts

Our Accounting Department looks forward to establishing an accounting structure to best suit your needs. In addition to one master account for the entire event, multiple master accounts and affiliate master accounts can be established. For your protection, authorized signers must be designated for each account.A daily master account review is recommended.
In order to provide you with efficient service, it is crucial that credit arrangements are completed accurately and entirely, to be submitted at least two months in advance.For your convenience, a sample credit application can be found under forms.

·Multiple Master Accounts:
Should your organization require multiple master accounts, the accounting department can structure accounts to meet your needs, such as for room and tax, for banquets, for electrical and for engineering, etc. These can all be separated for your convenience, as we know how important the accounting process can be.
·Affiliate Master Accounts:
The Hilton Anaheim will be happy to provide your
sub-groups with master accounts, if necessary.Last minute requests may be handled by producing a credit card and must
be submitted one month in advance.
·Account Payment:
Payment of master accounts, based upon conditions specified in your sales contract, is made at the end of the event upon departure by credit card or company check.Direct billing of your master account, if established, is payable 30 days after receipt of the statement, and can be arranged upon prior credit approval.A master account review meeting may be scheduled daily to ensure all billing is kept accurate and up to date.We recommend a final bill review prior to departure.

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